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Easy Online

EASY online is an online tool that makes monthly performance statements easy
can be filled in and forwarded to the social secretariat in a user-friendly way.

The benefits exist not only in user-friendliness and speed, but also in the
automatic processing and easy sending of the data to the social secretariat.

Employee data can be consulted and the signatures of new ones
employees can be forwarded via the system to the social secretariat.

In addition, EASY online offers the opportunity to view the wage documents provided by the social
Secretariat are prepared to be consulted and printed online.


With this tool you can easily create ad hoc lists and (basic) reports of all data from the Easy Online package. The result of these lists can be printed or copied to .csv or .xls format. You can further edit the results in Microsoft Excel, Word, ...

Employee Self Service (ESS)

The "Employee Self Service" option allows employees of an Easy Online customer to pass on their leave requests and other absences to the person in charge who must approve them. Each leave application is written to the individual absences, which means that they are automatically included in the daily performance.

  • hierarchy: division of employees into groups (= approval units) where the person who can approve the leave requests is designated as such.
  • The employee sees the position of his counters.
  • Employees can log in to ESS via their individual login and password.
  • The employee sees his own monthly planning and the monthly planning of all employees who belong to his approval unit.
  • The employee receives an annual overview of all the already booked and planned absences. The controller can see the annual planning of all employees of his approval units.


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